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GhostBed Key Points

  • The company makes custom made medium firm mattresses that range from 6.5 to 10 inches in depth.

  • The unique combination of the top layer and memory foam gives a unique vibe. It offers ideal comfort by preventing any restriction to various sleeping positions.

  • In addition to that, it also provides first class sustainable pressure relief. This mattress is perfect for any type of body shape and provides great support.

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why should you consider GhostBed?

The GhostBed mattress is perfect for those who like to sleep on firm mattresses. The layer of memory foam will hug your body contours, while being slow at many adjustments. The best part is that the longer you lie on it, the more you will experience relaxation and comfort.

The coolness of a mattress is often underrated, which is where the GhostBed Mattress scores better than other companies. The use of top quality cooling material provides excellent breathability in the foam due to the 2 inches layers of gel memory foam.

With a perfect spring back quality, the rear edge support is suitable for either sitting or sleeping. So, whether you want to have a quick breakfast or have to write an assignment, you are going to have a comfortable experience on this mattress!


GhostBed Mattress

The design and material components of the mattress prevent heat retention and improve airflow. The 1.5" layer of aerated latex foam on top of a 2" layer of gel memory foam work well together.


The sinkage has been made to suit all kind of sleepers, whether they choose to take a quick nap or lie down for hours. The wide variety of mattress foams provided by the GhostBed company ensures a deep compression for people. Each layer of memory foam has some significance to it. This feature helps to give this mattress a firm foundation.


The cover is prepared from 100% pure polyester and polypropylene that protects the quality ot the mattress while it is being moved around. Even after being pulled or handled roughly, the cover will maintain its original shape. Furthermore, it is stretchable and will fit well, regardless of any rough treatment. There is also no need to worry, if you have little kids around, so this mattress will be a perfect long-term choice.

Free Trial

The company offers a generous 100 nights trial period to all their customers.


Support is where this mattress wins: it can help to maintain the alignment of your spine, no matter where you sleep. It will provide ample support even if you change your sleeping side regularly. While looking for that perfect mattress, you will find many varieties, hence, be sure to make the best decision while keeping in mind your comfort and budget. The mattresses offered by GhostBed are offered with free shipping within 24 hours and come with a trial period of 101 days. In addition to that, the 20 year warranty assures its top quality durability. These mattresses are manufactured in the USA and are designed to bear the weight of up to 700 pounds on an average. You can find Ghostbed products here.

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