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Helix Key Points

  • Based on your answers to an online questionnaire, the company will design a custom mattress for you.

  • Helix offers something called "split solutions", they customize each side of the bed to cater to the sleep preferences of both partners if that is required.

  • The bed comes with a thin, breathable mattress cover. The advantage to having such a covering is that it will not block the air flow nor will it look bulky under the fitted sheets.

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Helix's transition layer consists of a super-responsive foam that functions somewhere between memory foam and latex foam. It is a firm interface to the micro-coil layer below it.

The micro-coils provide springiness and support proper airflow throughout the mattress. Each of the Helix's layers works in tandem to provide a comfortable sleep experience.

The questions on the survey ask for preferences in the following areas: Feel (as in Firmness), Support, Temperature Regulation and Point Elasticity. While this information will not alter how the mattresses are assembled, they will influence the tuning of the coils and the treatment of the foam layers.



The Helix Mattress is fully customizable to your specifications through a questionnaire provided on their website.

Helix Mattress

Since this user selected the firmness for this particular brand, the chosen level of firmness was medium. In this instance, the bed tested in the range of 6 to 7 out of a scale of 10. This level of firmness allows maximum changes in sleeping positions without the sleeper feeling stuck or sunk into the bed at any point.

Side & Stomach Sleepers

For side sleepers, the Helix would require a more plush build of a mattress, otherwise, there would be insufficient support for the shoulders and the hips. However, for stomach sleepers, the Helix mattress provided adequate support to the hips in that position.

Value For Money

Despite the technology-savvy approach to customization, Helix mattresses fall in the range of reasonably priced when compared to other luxury beds. The Twin size mattress costs $600, while the Twin Xl costs $700. A Full-size bed will cost $850, while the Queen size bed will cost $995. If you are looking for a larger bed, the King and the California King will both cost $1,195 each.

Free Trial

Helix offers a 100-day sleep trial for all its products. If you find any fault in the bed, you can return it in under 100 days for a complete refund.


The Helix mattress comes with a standard 10-year warranty.

Made in USA

All Helix mattresses are built and sold in the U.S.A. Each mattress is compressed and shipped in a box. Shipping is free within the U.S.A.


Air loss is a concern that can crop up from time to time with an air mattress. In case of a faulty air chamber, just use the replacement parts that are readily available. This is a minor concern that can be easily fixed. Sagging is a concern that typically applies to foam mattress tops. There have been a few reviews reporting cratering after regular use, especially where partners have selected different settings for their sides.


The Helix may be the right bed for you if you are unsure of what you need. The online questionnaire helps you select the perfect combination of features to suit your unique sleep style. It may also be the ideal option if you and your partner have varying sleep preferences and a tight budget to go along with it. The Helix can be an adequate starter bed before graduating up to the ultra-luxury bed brands. You can find Helix products here.

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